Tigers Program
Our Tiny Tigers Program is designed especially for the youngest martial artist in your family. This class is made up of 4 and 5 year old toddlers with a minimum of a 15 minute attention span.

Our focus for toddlers in this program is to develop motor skills early, build confidence, expand their attention span, and teach them the importance of setting and meeting goals. We accomplish these things by providing a disciplined yet nurturing environment and by keeping quality instruction our priority. These goals are attained by maintaining small classes of six students with two instructors, to provide the individual attention required.



Dragons Program
The Little Dragons Program is designed for children age's 6 through 8. This is an important time in a child's life when they develop the habits which will affect their health and body image for the rest of their lives. They work on learning self-defense and increase their confidence in their abilities to protect themselves.

We have designed our program to train healthy bodies and support a healthy mind in order to provide our students with the knowledge needed to live a healthy life.




Kids Program
Our Kid's program strives to create healthy, focused and confident people. The age range is from 9 to 12 years old, and students are expected to work hard and stay focused. The instruction will ensure that your child is able to defend his/herself against physical attacks. Beyond the physical your child will develop a mindset that is willing and able to take on new challenges and push past their perceived limitations. Classes are taught with two or more instructors.

The program increases their Respect for themselves as well as others, their leadership, decision making and team-working skills, self control, focus, coordination, strength and self-discipline.



Adults Program
The Adult Kung Fu Program will emphasize the traditional Shaolin Kung Fu systems of Hung Gar and Wing Chun which consist of strenuous exercises, deep low stances and powerful bridge work. This program will also implement the striking from Muay Thai. All three systems are an excellent form of self-defense.

These together will force the body to develop a strong core while stimulating slow twitch (type 1) muscle fiber as well as fast twitch (type 2) muscle fiber that are not stimulated by traditional forms of exercise.




Tai Chi Program
Tai chi is unlike any exercise most Americans have experienced. An ancient Chinese martial art, Tai chi combines deep breathing and mental concentration with slow, fluid movements.

There are many different styles of Tai chi with various goals achieved by encouraging energy flow throughout the body and creating a powerful mind-body connection. Tai chi/Qi Gong is low impact and uses many muscles while achieving better range of motion, making it particularly useful for improving flexibility, muscle strength and balance.